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Saturday, 13 April 2013

3 Approaches

"Your Attitude, not your Aptitude will determine your Altitude" - Zig Ziglar

Hey guys!

Last week, during lecture, someone started asking a question that I already know the answer to, and honestly, it made me a bit anxious. Anxious to move on to the next topic. But nevertheless, I waited in my seat patiently and listened. hen it dawned upon me, the 3 Approaches, as how I'd like to call them.

What are the 3 Approaches?

1. How we approach issues we already know
2. How we approach issues we don't know
3. How we approach issues we have no interest to know

The first, as illustrated in the example above describes how anxious I was in approaching issues I already know. This happens ALL the time. people love to tell you what they know and what they think you should too, most of the time, with no regard of your prior knowledge whatsoever. However, I feel it is beneficial to let them speak their piece. Why you may ask? Simply to boost their egos! Most of the time, no one would listen, so when you do, they will feel like they have imparted their knowledge, and have made a difference, a very good feeling indeed. In return, when they are done, they are much more likely to listen to what YOU have to say, since YOU made them feel good about themselves!

Well, the second point about approaching issues we don't know reflects upon our own egos and hunger for knowledge. Put it this way, humans are egoistical creatures and we don't like to be told that our knowledge databank is lacking some crucial information. However, the wisdom of the ages always tells us to stay humble and stay hungry. (Probably Steve Jobs's quote). Therefore, I urge everyone to check in on our egos at times like this and we'll definitely learn more this way.

The last point ties in very tightly with the first point. However, there are situations where we have no interest whatsoever in caring for bonsai plants. In this situations, if the speaker does not realise our lack of interest and zip it up quickly, it's best to change the topic ASAP or find an exit strategy!

So, there you go. 3 approaches in 3 different situations. What would YOU do differently? Leave me a comment down below! :)